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Morgan Solar CPV System at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show September 2011.

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  • Concentration increases profits
  • Morgan Solar CPV System
Technology is using science and innovation to solve a problem. It is about taking good ideas and turning them into solutions that create wealth. We offer two types of solar technology to better meet your needs:
  • Traditional Silicon PV panels – a proven technology that offers a good rate of return
  • CPV panels – a new technology that offers a high rate of return

What is CPV?

Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) technology uses a low cost acrylic optics to concentrate light as much as 1,000x onto small, highly efficient triple-junction solar cells.  The panels are mounted on 2-axis trackers the follow the sun, thus maximizing electricity production throughout the day.  The technology we use was developed by a Canadian company called Morgan Solar {}.  The CPV panel uses lateral photon collection technology that collects light entering the panel and guides it to the solar cell, much like a fiber optic cable. 

Triple junction solar cells

Triple junction solar cells are up to 40% efficient, making them the most efficient solar cells available.  The optic has some losses and so the overall panel efficiency is over 20%.  In comparison, high end mono-crystalline Silicon panels are about 15% efficient. 

Triple junction cells are essentially 3 solar cells stacked on top of each other.  It works by having each of the three layers absorbs a different portion of the light spectrum.   

Picture used with permission from SunLab, University of Ottawa.

What it means to you: 

  • More renewable electricity produced mean more revenue 
  • Low cost and high efficiency systems mean greater ROI