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Morgan Solar CPV System at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show September 2011.

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  • Concentration increases profits
  • Morgan Solar CPV System

Bright Ray Solar has been involved with over 20 solar projects, total more than 3,000 kW of generating capacity.  Additionally, we have assisted some of our clients with grant applications and are pleased to announce that these efforts have resulted in over $400,000 of grants awarded to date.  

The projects include both ground-mounted and rooftop based projects.  Some of the projects use CPV panels and some use traditional silicon panels. 

Check back as we will be continuously updating this section of our website. 

Morgan Solar Sun Simba CPV panels
Bright Ray Solar is partnering with Morgan Solar, a Toronto based company.  Morgan Solar invented and produces the revolutionary Sun Simba™ Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) panel, offering high efficiency at low cost.  We will be distributing the Sun Simba™ panels, as well as offering solutions utilizing the Sun Simba™ panel later this year.    These panels are assembled in Ontario and qualify for the 2011 Ontario content of both microFIT and FIT projects.