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Morgan Solar CPV System at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show September 2011.

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  • Concentration increases profits
  • Morgan Solar CPV System

Municipalities have a unique role in advocating renewable energy.  They must be fiscally responsible, yet still serve the community by taking on an environmental leadership position, as well as by educating the public.  Bright Ray Solar understands these different requirements and provides solutions to best meet your objectives and available resources.  We continuously scan the solar sector to keep up with the newest technologies and trends and offer a range of solar solutions from pre-commercial demonstration technologies to well established industry standard solutions. 

We offer an innovative Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) system that can be used on hazardous and unstable lands, such as closed landfills.  We provide advisory services such as feasibility studies, strategic roadmaps, grant applications, and public advocacy.  When you are ready to build, we offer system integration and installation services as well as system monitoring, public awareness and educational programs once the system is built. 


High Return on Investment:
  A solar system in Ontario can have an ROI in the 11% to 16% range, depending on ground vs rooftop installation, technology, and the size of the solar array. 

Community outreach:  Demonstrate your leadership by showcasing your solar project on your website and Facebook pages.  Tweet the production milestones from your solar array.  Our services include web and social networking consulting and development to maximize the public awareness of your organization and its projects.   

Local Involvement:  Leverage Bright Ray Solar’s network to source local content, such as installers and engineers while keeping a single, proven point of contact.  Bright Ray Solar can also provide strategic and tactical support for local community groups, such as energy co-ops, to increase the local involvement in your municipal energy project.