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Morgan Solar CPV System at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show September 2011.

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  • Concentration increases profits
  • Morgan Solar CPV System

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a great way to build your business.  Energy production diversifies your revenue stream and offers a strong ROI.  Arrays can be placed on the rooftops of barns and up to 100 kW can be placed on Class 1-3 agricultural land.  Let us know if you have Class 4 or higher agricultural land, and we can assist you develop up to 10 MW of solar production.  We can also help you find financing for your project.   

Bright Ray Solar can help you with your renewable energy strategy, developing feasibility studies, , grant applications, planning your system integration and installation, and post development system monitoring. 


High Return on Investment: 
A rooftop solar system in Ontario can have an ROI in the 11% to 16% range, depending on the characteristics of your building and chosen size of the solar array. 

Long-term Revenue Stability: The Ontario Power Authority guarantees a fixed purchase price of electricity generated from solar systems for 20 years.  The current price for electricity generated by rooftop systems 10 kW to 250 kW in size is 71.3¢/kWh. 

Family Investment:  A farm is often a family business.  The addition of an investment in a solar energy system can help provide a steady income stream to support succession planning or to help diversify the business operations.